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Oversmiling: A Simple Trick To Come Across Warmer On Camera

More than I’d like to admit, I see my face on the screen and think, “that guy is not conveying enough warmth and sense of connection.” You see, dear reader, I suffer from an affliction called resting b*tch face.

But after 5,000 hours in front of the camera, I figured out a solution to overcome this problem. I call it oversmiling.

Metaphor: The Rubber Band

Imagine a rubber band that you stretch out as far you can. When you release the pressure, the rubber band does not return to its exact original size. It’s more stretched out than it was before. It’s changed.

The diameter of that rubber band has a new baseline. Oversmiling is the same thing, but with your face.


Before it’s time to film a video, crank out the biggest, most manic smile you can muster for a few seconds. The kind of smile that if someone saw you out on a walk, they would immediately cross to the other side of the street.

If we were to rank smiles on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m talking about an 11. Something like this:

Lucky for us, we’ll only use this technique in the privacy of our own homes

Your smile is just like that rubberband. Obviously, you would never want to smile that way in a real video (Frankly, I’m a little worried that the image above is now out on the internet). But when you allow that overexaggerated smile to release, your facial expression has a new set point. The baseline of your facial expression is at a more positive, more engaging, warmer level.

So the next time you need to record a video and your camera presence feels off, try oversmiling: make a huge, cartoon-intensity smile right before you hit record. Your videos will resonate more deeply with your audience, exuding warmth that will create a connection to viewers. Remember, the it’s not about plastering on a fake grin throughout your entire recording. The goal is to set a new baseline for your facial expressions, one that naturally communicates approachability and authenticity.

Happy recording!

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