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👋 Howdy! I’m Cam.

I’m a 4x founder (2 wins, 2 losses) obsessed with helping communities of founders and knowledge workers grow their companies and careers.

This site has writing and random other stuff. My work site is a little more formal.

I do this for a living—mostly through building entrepreneurship programs and running my own cohort based course.

Stuff I’ve built:

Minimum Viable Video: The project that I’m most passionate about these days is a cohort-based course that teaches entrepreneurs how to make videos to get customers and create opportunities.

Minimum Viable Video is an online cohort-based course. But we took an in-person version to Ecuador.

Actionworks: Consultancy building entrepreneurship programs for Apple, the U.S. Department of State, the University of Texas, and dozens more.

Previously: 3 Day Startup: 10-year CEO journey scaling an education company to 50 countries.


  • My partner and I (and her ridiculous cats) split our time between Austin, TX and Savannah, GA
  • Interests: Formula 1, Mexican food, Alvvays, coffee, Nolan films, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality
  • I write a newsletter with stories and tips on video, entrepreneurship, and shooting your shot
  • I’ve had a hell of a lot easier time building companies than figuring out vulnerability; that came with Personal Boards of Directors
  • I have a mysterious health condition. Sharing this because I’m out of ideas. Maybe you have some


DM me on Twitter or email me at my name at actionworks dot co (not dot com).


  • How to shoot your shot with an important person 

    How to shoot your shot with an important person 

    It’s 2009 at a party during the SXSW tech conference in Austin. Tim Ferriss, author and angel investor riding high off of the success of the Four Hour Work Week, is in conversation with a conference attendee in the middle of the venue. I am a bright-eyed first-time founder with puppy dog energy, desperate for capital and connections. Landing Tim as an investor would give my startup both. Despite my nerves, I know I should approach him.

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  • The first thing your customers see

    The first thing your customers see

    I spent a week in Boston working with founders at Intel’s Ignite program, a corporate accelerator that helps deep tech startups find product/market fit and sell to enterprise. My role was to help these founders attract more customers and investors through video. I wrote this so people not in Intel’s program could benefit from what we covered.

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  • How I Go From Idea to Filming 

    How I Go From Idea to Filming 

    A write up of my low effort, no scriptwriting, no memorization workflow for how I generate ideas and get them to where I’m ready to talk about them on camera.

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