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👋Howdy. I’m Cam.

I’m a 4x founder who builds entrepreneurship and leadership programs.

This site has writing and other projects. My work site is slightly more serious.

Stuff I’ve Built

Actionworks: Education company that builds entrepreneurship and leadership programs for the U.S. Department of State, Intel, the University of Texas, and dozens more.

Minimum Viable Video: Cohort-based course that teaches entrepreneurs and knowledge workers how to make videos to get customers and create opportunities.

(Previously) 3 Day Startup: 10-year CEO journey scaling an entrepreneurship bootcamp to 50 countries.

That time we took Minimum Viable Video to Ecuador.


  • My partner and I (and her ridiculous cats) split our time between Austin, TX and Savannah, GA
  • Interests: Formula 1, Mexican food, Alvvays, Nolan films, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality, Longhorn football
  • I write a newsletter with stories and tips on video, entrepreneurship, and shooting your shot
  • I’ve had a hell of a lot easier time building companies than figuring out vulnerability; that came with Personal Boards of Directors
  • I have a mysterious health condition. Sharing this because I’m out of ideas


DM me on Twitter or email me at my name at actionworks dot co (not dot com).


  • The first thing your customers see

    The first thing your customers see

    I spent a week in Boston working with founders at Intel’s Ignite program, a corporate accelerator that helps deep tech startups find product/market fit and sell to enterprise. My role was to help these founders attract more customers and investors through video. I wrote this so people not in Intel’s program could benefit from what we covered.

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  • How I Go From Idea to Filming 

    How I Go From Idea to Filming 

    A write up of my low effort, no scriptwriting, no memorization workflow for how I generate ideas and get them to where I’m ready to talk about them on camera.

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  • I Got Taken for a Ride in India

    I Got Taken for a Ride in India

    And it was totally worth it. I knew my trip to India was going to get weird when I got a stomach bug before I landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Frankly, it was a win to cross that distance without causing an international incident in the airplane lavatory.

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