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I moved to Austin back when it was mandatory to play in bands. You couldn’t enter the city limits if you didn’t play something. So I played in bands long enough to get a repetitive stress injury in my strumming hand that never went away.

It screwed up my ability to type on a keyboard, so I started experimenting with other modes of communication. Talking to a camera was something I could do without pain, so I started weaving video creation into the business.

The other major theme in my life is applied entrepreneurship. A big chunk of my life’s work was founding and scaling a learning-by-doing entrepreneurship training organization to 50 countries. As the Founder/CEO, I owned sales efforts, built the team, led corporate programs, and transformed the org into a video-powered organization.

How to Work With Me

For Organizations

The organizations who contact me want to embrace new ways of working, which usually means building video and entrepreneurial capacities. I give this to them through consulting engagements or training programs. Clients include:

  • Corporations (Mercedes, Intel, Apple, SVB)
  • Institutions (University of Texas, ESCP, The U.S. Department of State)
  • Organizations (Navy SEALs, IREX, various chambers of commerce)
  • Startups (YC-backed Nash, the Stacks Accelerator, The Nexus Accelerator)

Learn more at my work site Actionworks

For Individuals

I work with individuals in two ways. The first is a bi-annual course called Minimum Viable Video for founders and knowledge workers to learn how feel natural on camera, set up a basic home studio, and tell on-camera stories that attract clients and customers.

The second is one-on-one coaching, which covers the same thing as Minimum Viable Video, but happens on-demand. It’s highly personalized, which is why it’s expensive (If you’re price sensitive, just take Minimum Viable Video).

Other topics I get hired to build, consult on, lead workshops, or give talks about:

  • Selling with personalized videos
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystems inside and outside the organization
  • That art of learning-by-doing and experiential learning design
  • How to build non-profits that make money
  • Online Facilitation: Lessons learned from 5000 hours in Zoom
  • Camera confidence: redefining your relationship to the camera

Let’s Chat

The easiest way to figure out if we should work together is to join my newsletter or have a quick chat. The newsletter is free, digestible, and actionable—it shares stories, tips, and insights from cultivating entrepreneurship and video skills with thousands of people, including the projects I work on and the outcomes I create.

A quick phone call or Zoom chat can nail down if working together makes sense for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Email me at my name at actionworks dot co. Seriously, I’d love to chat.