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👋Howdy. I’m Cam.

I’m a 4x founder who builds entrepreneurship and leadership programs.

This site has writing and other projects. My work site is slightly more serious.

Stuff I’ve Built

Actionworks: Education company that builds entrepreneurship and leadership programs for the U.S. Department of State, Intel, the University of Texas, and dozens more.

Minimum Viable Video: Cohort-based course that teaches entrepreneurs and knowledge workers how to make videos to get customers and create opportunities.

(Previously) 3 Day Startup: 10-year CEO journey scaling an entrepreneurship bootcamp to 50 countries.

That time we took Minimum Viable Video to Ecuador.


  • My partner and I (and her ridiculous cats) split our time between Austin, TX and Savannah, GA
  • Interests: Formula 1, Mexican food, Alvvays, Nolan films, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality, Longhorn football
  • I write a newsletter with stories and tips on video, entrepreneurship, and shooting your shot
  • I’ve had a hell of a lot easier time building companies than figuring out vulnerability; that came with Personal Boards of Directors
  • I have a mysterious health condition. Sharing this because I’m out of ideas


DM me on Twitter or email me at my name at actionworks dot co (not dot com).


  • The Magic of the First Few Cohorts

    The Magic of the First Few Cohorts

    In certain communities of practice (participants in startup accelerators, students in courses, attendees of conferences) something special happens before things get too big. This piece is for people wanting to find—and benefit from—these cohorts. In 2009, some grad students and I started a student group because we were confounded.  Why, we wondered, were so few […]

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  • How to make your work feel more valuable 

    How to make your work feel more valuable 

    I once landed a consulting gig where an organization asked me to help them put on a virtual conference. I pitched them a grandiose vision: state-of-the-art participant experience, elegant marketing strategies, high-energy facilitation. The price I charged corresponded with the vision; it wasn’t cheap. 

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  • What would life be like if rejection didn’t hurt?

    What would life be like if rejection didn’t hurt?

    After a big win, I am basking in a specific emotional state not unlike Mario when he eats a star. It’s a cocktail of joy, optimism, confidence, and forward momentum. This feeling is rare. I don’t want to squander it.

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